Find Good Renters

3 Tips to Find Better Renters

Want to keep your properties in tip-top shape? Finding better renters is crucial, but it isn’t always easy.  Here are some simple tips about advertising, getting background and credit checks for landlords, and having a solid lease agreement.

1. Know Where to Advertise

When starting your search for a new tenant, be cautious of where you post your ads and the audiences it will reach. Instead of using sites that may not attract high quality tenants, invest $50 to $100 to post ads on sites like or You can also pay for ads in local newspapers, put fliers in local stores, broadcast on social media sites, or ask your family and friends for referrals. Make sure your ad includes photos, location, description, special features, and price.

2. Complete Background and Credit Checks.

Regardless of where you post your ads or find potential tenants, make sure you screen them all the same way. Even if the prospective renter is a friend of the family, it’s important to screen all potential tenants to avoid lawsuits or claims of discrimination. Plus, checking their background and credit is the best way to find better renters and determine if they’re financially stable and reliable.

3. Have a Solid Application and Lease Agreement

A thorough application and lease sets the precedent for tenants living in the house.  During the application process, ask potential tenants for referrals from previous landlords or pay stubs so you know they’re reliable. As for the lease, make sure it includes facts such as when the rent is due, penalties for late rent, who to contact in case of damage, and so on. In the end, a background check and credit check for landlords is the best way to ensure you find the most reliable renters possible.

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