Things to Do After Tenant Moves Out

4 Things You MUST Do After Tenant Moves Out

One of the most important jobs of a landlord or property manager is making sure a rental is good condition for new tenants. When one renter moves out, it’s important that you check the property from top to bottom to ensure that it is move-in ready for the next lease signing.

1. Use a Checklist. There are many free downloadable rental inspection checklists available online to choose from. Pick one that best fits your rental property, and take notes on what areas need to be repaired before the next tenant moves in.

2. Make Sure Everything works. Check that all mechanical items in the home are in working order, including appliances, light fixtures, electrical outlets, and plumbing. Contact the appropriate professionals to come in for any major serious repairs and adjustments.

3. Time to Scrub. Make sure the rental unit thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. If you have to, hire a maid service for a deep cleaning. Also, paint and repair any walls that were damaged by the previous tenants.

4. Safety Checks. Check that all doors and windows are in working order. Replace all keyed locks. Bonus points if you make adjustments to increase the home’s energy efficiency – i.e. filling in window cracks and doorframes. Replace batteries in smoke detectors.

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