Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests: One Form, One Job, In Writing

Sometimes paperwork is your friend.

Just look at the tenant screening process. We get credit reports and background checks in writing so there’s no doubt or confusion on either side. A smart resident check screening produces signed, dated tenant reports—legal protection for you, fair representation for prospective residents.

Paperwork can help your daily operations, too. Take maintenance requests: use a form and insist that residents complete one for each job. It needn’t be complicated, detailing only the date, issue, resident’s name, and any notes or history that will help solve the problem.

First, this lets you or your staff track issues through completion and plan for the future. Mrs. Johnson called about a leak today—what did the plumber say? Mr. Smith reported one last week—are the pipes failing?

Forms also save time. When a resident chooses to forego the form in favor of changing that lightbulb herself, the property manager gains an hour back.

Explain your one-form, one-job policy at move-in time. This should go a long way toward streamlining your maintenance operation, but it won’t stop residents from asking favors of your technicians. He came to fix the oven but the faucet also needs a new washer—does he mind? A quick fix is good customer service, but anything that takes more than a few minutes should require a new form.

Always remind residents that apartment maintenance request forms, like resident check screening, are for their protection, ensuring that issues are addressed quickly, safely, and effectively.