Real cost of eviction

How much will it cost to evict my tenants?

Evicting a tenant is the last thing any landlord wants to think about. Running resident checks, criminal background checks, employment histories, and landlord references can help you find the right people for your rental property.

The comprehensive tenant screening offered by ATS can help ensure a long and peaceful landlord-tenant arrangement. Are you still skeptical of paying for a tenant screening services because you’re pinching pennies, and think going on your cut can save you a few bucks?

Let’s break down the real costs of eviction:

1. Assuming you are evicting on the grounds of non-payment, then we’ll assume a landlord who needs to file an eviction has missed out on at least two months rent, thus far. Since the average rent in the US is $1,231 per month, let’s estimate a landlord has lost $2462 in rent payments at the time of filing. Since an eviction can take 30-180 days, the lost rent could skyrocket another $1231-$7386

2. Filing a complaint against a tenant in Circuit court can cost between $90-$400, depending on where you live in the US.

3. There are also charges for a sheriff’s office to serve notice. Depending on what city, those costs can be $50-$400.

4. Miscellaneous filing service fees: $50-$700

5. Cost of hiring an attorney: Some charge flat fees as low as $250 for filing paperwork and making one court appearance. Others might quote a standard, uncontested eviction at around $600 from start to finish. Messier cases could run $200-$400 an hour in attorney fees, and total up to $5000 if the case goes to trial and the tenant retains counsel.

6. Clearing out a property: One moving company in New York said landlords pay up to $2500 to clear out a 2-bedroom apartment, plus storage fees to hold the items for 30 days, per the law.

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