Document tenant threats

How to Handle Tenant Threats

Kids today are inundated with anti-bullying campaigns either in school, on TV, or through social media. Working to prevent such behavior is currently one of the top priorities in schools all over the country. Unfortunately, these incidents are not just isolated to the hallways and playground — adults can be victims of bullying, as well.

Are you concerned because your tenants have made threats that you just can’t ignore? Not sure who to call to deal with it? What you need to do next depends on the severity of the threats.

If the tenant has threatened physically harm you, then you need to file a police report ASAP.

The threat needs to be documented. If you have evidence – such as an email or text, save it and submit as evidence when filing the complaint.

Also, you need to begin filing the eviction process if you have not done so already. If the tenant’s threat came in the wake of an eviction filing, then you need to also file a restraining order immediately. You must tell the court that you are afraid for your life to get it granted ASAP.

Your lease should always contain a clause that states that any form of intimidation, abusive behavior, sexual harassment, racial slurs, or other threats of any kind will not be tolerated while residing on the property. If the tenant breaks this clause, then you have the right to terminate the lease immediately.

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