Landlords Stay Up To Date Using Social Media

Landlords – New Rental Laws Effective in 2015

The New Year brings new rental laws for landlords nationwide. And while finding the best online tenant screening services may be simple, it may be harder to keep up-to-date on the latest rental laws.

The most important feature of these new laws is shared with changes in past years: most regulations and the changes to them are local, with a few done at the state level. This means you need to check in with each city in which you have units.

For example, in Roselle, NJ, units must be registered with the town at a cost of $50 each. But the rule isn’t in force across all of New Jersey. For an example, at the state level, Maryland has changed which units must comply with lead abatement policies, and when inspection requirements take effect (at every tenant change).

The easiest way to stay informed is to join a local landlord association. Chances are news about changes will circulate through the group, as well as any strategies to make compliance easier. Another method is to contact local officials and ask two questions. First, ask: what changes are going into effect? Second, ask how the town keeps landlords up to date.

There is also a wealth of information just clicks away—scan local newspapers, for example, to keep up on news about impending regulations. And social media can be useful. Try the #landlord hashtag at Twitter, and search Facebook for your locality.

Here’s one constant: you’ll always benefit from the best online tenant screening. Check us out to see how comprehensive we are!