Property Maintenance Pipes

Property Maintenance: Don’t Forget Your Pipes!

Your rental property is in great shape.

It has the latest appliances and amenities. You market effectively, posting on Craigslist multiple times per day and keeping in touch with the best local lead sources. You stagger vacancy rates to ensure strong business, and your comprehensive tenant screening process—with full credit history, employment history, criminal background check, and previous landlord references—has given you a community full of responsible, reliable residents.

What are you missing?

Look at your pipes!

They’re easy to forget when it’s warm, but check your pipes’ fitness for winter and remind residents about pipe safety. Once a plumber signs off on your pipe insulation, prepare a pipe safety sheet: remind residents to keep their heat at 55 degrees, let faucets drip, and keep cabinets open while away during cold weather. This will hopefully avoid burst pipes—and if residents sign to acknowledge the information, it can be legal protection for you in case of an accident.

Amenities matter, there’s no substitute for marketing, and the tenant screening process is your biggest security measure. But a little common sense and communication regarding your pipes will save time and money.

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