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The ATS Difference

American Tenant Screen will help you every step of the way. You want to protect your investment against lost revenue, vacancy, or potential property damage. Every tenant looks great until they don’t pay. Our Tenant Management Center will make accepting online applications and running any necessary background checks a breeze. You can even opt to have the tenants pay.


These tools and services available for every account:

  • Online Application Dashboard
  • Tenant Management Center
  • Accurate data – no false positives
  • We Provide Flexible Solutions

    Pay For Just the Data You Need

    • Full Credit Report
    • Streamlined Online Applicant Portal
    • Separate Accounts Available for Clients with Multiple Properties
    • Nationwide Eviction Data
    • Multi-State Criminal Background Checks
    • Sex Offender Checks
    • Employment Verification

  • Tools and Features

    That Will Save You Time and Money

      • Applicant Portal branded with your logo
      • Standard or Customized Online Application
      • Allow the Applicant to pay (optional)
      • Flexible Report Options
      • Electronic Signature Support
      • True Match Process
        No false positives

What Our Customers Say About Us

With ATS, screening tenants for a rental property is easy. Our customers appreciate the exceptional customer service and comprehensive selection of tenant screening reports that we provide. Whether they are property managers, real estate agents, housing authorities or landlords, they are all using ATS to find the most qualified tenants without the hassle and extensive cost.

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