Tenants receiving keys

Save Time with Fast Tenant Checks

Sleep? What’s sleep?

You’re painting a vacant apartment. Then you’re at Home Depot, looking at sinks. Then you’re interviewing prospective tenants, writing marketing materials, and paying property taxes at City Hall. You barely make it home for dinner and then you’re back on the road to deal with a broken air conditioner.

Being a landlord or property manager is a 24-7 commitment, and you’re always wearing a new hat. In this business time is more than money — it’s vital to your efficiency and wellbeing. That’s why fast tenant checks are so important.

Fast Tenant Checks

A fast tenant check is exactly what it sounds like: a quick, comprehensive, and reliable way to evaluate prospective tenants. From credit history to employment history, a criminal background check, and references from previous landlords, American Tenant Screen does the hard work for you, assembling the data you need for an informed choice in a clear, easy-to-read document.

Do you have questions about tenant checks and how they can help you build a strong business? Get in touch with us. We’ll show you how working with American Tenant Screen will help you streamline your tenant screening process, making your most important task easier and leaving more time for your never-ending to-do list.

To learn more about our fast tenant checks, give us a call at 484-207-0316. We look forward to hearing from you.