Evicting Tenants

Tenant Screening Woes: Evicting Tenants

Evicting a tenant is the last thing any landlord wants to think about. Running resident checks, criminal background checks, employment histories, and landlord references can help you find the right people for your rental property. The comprehensive tenant screening offered by ATS can help ensure a long and peaceful landlord-tenant arrangement.

But things happen, of course. People change, jobs are lost. Maybe an unwanted guest moves in. When mediation fails and your tenant refuses a ‘cash for keys’ settlement, eviction is your only remaining option.

Yes, it’s rare. But it’s expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. During an eviction, one thing can help save your budget from getting swallowed up by lawyers—an experienced professional property manager.

Evictions can be long, drawn-out affairs fought in court over lease wording or other cryptic issues. A property manager will direct the process for you, making sure documents are presented accurately, deadlines are met, and that you’re free to devote time to other aspects of your business.

A comprehensive resident background check is your best defense against undesirable tenants, but if you’re forced into evicting a tenant, a property manager will make the process efficient, compliant, and as cost-effective as possible. That’s apart from the many other management, marketing, maintenance, and legal benefits that come with using a property manager.

Got questions about what to look for in hiring a property manager? Stay tuned. We’ll get to them in an upcoming post, and keep your eye out for more landlord tips.