Useful Apps for Landlords

The Most Useful Apps for Landlords

Are you a new landlord and wondering what apps would be helpful for managing your investment property? Here’s a list of just a few standouts that any property owner will find to be useful:


This app can measure a room and design you a floor plan just by pictures taken on your smartphone or tablet device. This could be very handy for the landlord or property manager who wants to have their rental unit’s floor plan in .pdf or .jpg format.

EZ Financial Calculator

This app it a must-have for any serious real estate investor, as it has many uses. Some of the features include an ROI calculator, a loan payoff calculator, a present & future value based on depreciation calculator, and many more. A must-have for the long-term landlord!


This is the task-management app that every landlord needs to stay organized. You can even download a browser version to your PC, so your to-do list can be managed multiple computer devices.

Flashlight! By Zentertain

The handy landlord will love this app that turns your iPhone into a bright flashlight. It also has a built-in compass and clock, so you’ll always know where you stand if you are using it to move around dark crawlspace or basement.

What apps have you found to be most useful for managing your properties? Please comment below!

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