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Introducing True Match

American Tenant Screen helps real estate agents, property managers, and housing authorities get tenant screening right!

Unlike some tenant screening services, we ensure the accuracy of our results. We call it our True Match process. ATS hand-checks every single result to ensure that the record matches your applicant. We’ll check against court systems, previous employers, and other sources to make sure our results are a True Match. We know you screen to select a qualified, reliable tenant for the property. Your reputation depends on it. Trust True Match.

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    The Case of the Georgia Murderer

    Sometimes a thorough tenant screen requires a little detective work. In this case, we weren’t satisfied with just a name and DOB match. When the name turned up several criminal records, we knew we had to dig deeper to learn the true story.

    The Case of the Unregistered Sex Offender

    Red flag alert! When a criminal background check on an applicant in Illinois showed a failure to register as a sex offender, we took our search cross-country to pinpoint the location of the offense and confirm the person’s identity.

    The Case of Mistaken Identity

    If an applicant has a common name, like John Smith, some extra legwork is required to get a True Match. In this case, a criminal record showing an assault charge led us to contact the court for more information.