tenant screening scoresheet

Using a Scoring System Keeps Tenant Screening Fair

The process of tenant screening is to weed out problem tenants from the pool of qualified applicants. While many details found in a background check or credit report make it easy to disqualify an applicant, sometimes you’ll find an applicant who almost passes all your criteria, or just barely misses the credit score you’re looking for.

How do you deal with such “borderline” prospective tenants? While there is something to be said for using your own good judgment and gut instincts about a person, the best way to make a fair choice  — and feel secure in that choice  — is to have a professional process in place for tenant screening. This preferably involves a weighted system that scores each applicant on several variables based on background check details and the interview process.

Successful landlords have a documented point system that they adhere to for every applicant they screen. This takes away most of the subjectivity that can creep into the process and gives the landlord an objective, fair and balanced way to select every tenant. If you ever stray from your scoring system, be sure to thoroughly document the reasons in the tenant’s file, so that they or a subsequent applicant who might complain or claim you are not adhering to Fair Housing rules won’t have a case against you.

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