Damages Exceed Security Deposit

What to Do if Your Tenant Destroys Your Property

When you realize a tenant has destroyed your property it can be devastating. Instead of letting the stress get to you, think about how you can get back on track quickly and efficiently. Learn how to deal with past and potential damage with these tips, including apartment background checks.

First, make sure you document everything and document it properly. Take pictures and video of the damage and make sure there’s a time and date stamp on them, as they could be very valuable to you in a potential court case down the line.

Next, contact professionals and get cost estimates as soon as possible. Keep copies of the estimates, invoices, and receipts to use as evidence in your favor. Try to proceed with the repairs and get the property back in its original condition as quickly as possible so it’s ready to lease to new tenants and you help minimize your financial loss.

Finally, research state laws about refunding a tenant’s security deposit. The cost of repairs will most likely exceed the amount of the security deposit, but you’re still required to send them a list illustrating the cost of all the repairs deducted from their security deposit and the impending balance within a specific number of days. Refunding laws may specify that if the cost of repairs exceeds the security deposit, you should notify the tenant that you will start legal proceedings to the recover the remainder as soon as possible.

It’s terrible when a tenant destroys your property, but you can take preventative measures such as tenant screening and apartment background checks. Learn more about our tenant screening products here or to learn more about our fast tenant checks, give us a call at 800-888-1287. We look forward to hearing from you.