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Unlike any other loans that you had already encountered short term loan is very considerate for it doesn't need any collateral such as your home, lot or any appliances or any of your properties. But instead they will ask for your employment details and that will be the basis if you are worthy of their financial assistance and through this they will determine the loan that they will offer to you. As you can see, borrowing functions differently from other traditional loans for it is very convenient and very dependable in times of urgent need. You can easily achieve your loan and you can now use it on any financial expenses.

There is a great difference between the payday loans compared to any other offered loan that is offered through online. Unsecured loan has a shorter repayment period which only shows the great difference of the lending among the others. You don't have to wait for how many years for your loan to arrive because lending only lasts for a maximum of 30 days which is shorter and faster than other loans, which is another factor that makes short term loan different from other financial alternatives.

Company also offers differently, Payday loans now. You don't have to worry if you don't have any assets that will serve as your collateral just in case you won't be able to pay your loan because you will still be qualified. There's no need to worry when your salary hasn't arrived yet and you have piles of bills to pay weeks or even months before your payday check arrives, with lending you can directly address your problem just in time. The payment for your lender will be taken from your payday check and after you paid your loan you can now avail the service and start applying for another new worry free financial expenses in times of urgent need.

Traditional loan are way more different than borrow. Traditional loan will cause you a lot of documents to process and it will take you ages to wait for your loan approval. Another factor of traditional loan that makes it more inefficient is that it is very demanding, for you to apply for the loan, you need to have assetssuch as cars, house, lots, jewelries, and appliances as your collateral before you will be approved to loan. You need first to undergo several processes before you can finally achieve the loan you wished to borrow.

You won't be given an approval for your loan if you don't have any excellent financial histories. For this would be their assurance if the individual is capable of returning the money they borrowed from the loan producers. On the contrary, short term loan is more accessible and convenient. You don't have to go through several documents processing and you don't have to wait for too long for your loan approval. It is more easy and fast because you can access on it through online, less hassle and less stress. The loan will be given to you as long as you have a stable job and you don't need to have any collateral. Traditional loans are now replaced by payday loans that perfectly matched the financial assistance that every people needs.

If unexpected event came up just like seminars, educational trip and workshops and you urgently need a fund for your travel expenses,you can use your lender. And as we all know, the travel expenses will cost you a lot of money, you can directly apply for payday loan. You don't have to think twice whether to go or not because of the financial expenses that you can't assist because through payday loan you can now push through your trip. The fastest and easiest way to gain money in funding your travel expenses without any hassle and stress.

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The ATS Difference

American Tenant Screen is your partner in filling vacancies quickly and efficiently with qualified tenants. We provide a suite of tools including a full Tenant Management Center to make your application process as easy as possible while providing some of the best data at the best rates in the industry. Need help? No problem; our U.S. based support staff is second to none.



We don't force you to buy a bundle. Select just the reports that matter to you!


Complying with the FCRA can be hard. We take care of the entire process!


Our True Match system makes sure you get reports about the right people. No more false positives or no hits!


Let your tenants e-sign all your necessary documents saving time and money.


Our complete Tenant Management Center is available for every account. Start saving time now!


Our customer service is second to none. We're here and ready to help.

Announcing our newly enhanced Tenant Management Center!


American Tenant Screen works with Property Managers, Real Estate Professionals, Housing Authorities, and Property Owners to save time and money during the applicant screening process.