Landlord Tools

Every Landlord Needs These Tools

While it may be tempting to outsource all of your maintenance needs, sometimes it’s not economical – especially if you are a new landlord who is just starting out. While it does make sense to hire a professional for major repairs, you can save yourself time and money if you have these tools readily available in your arsenal:

Basic Tool Box

Make sure you have a toolbox with one of the following: Claw hammer, flat & Phillips head screwdriver, crescent & socket wrench, measuring tape, pliers, electric drill (corded or battery-powered), utility knife, flashlight and duct tape. These are essential tools for any property owner. Keep in mind that a tenant who’s never owned their own home might not even be equipped for a minor repair, such as a broken curtain rod or a loose door handle. So, even the not-so-handy-landlord can accomplish major things with a basic tool kit.

Pressure Washer

Your rental property will look rundown quickly if you let siding, fencing and decks areas become stained and molded. These areas should be cleaned at a minimum of once a year. Hiring a professional for this job can run several hundreds of dollars for just one job. However, you could buy your own machine for the same price and use it on various exterior areas of the home for years to come.

Paint Supplies

Every landlord should keep several cans of their standard, neutral go-to color on hand for touch-ups or big jobs in-between tenants. Having a good roller, edger, paint tape, and drop cloths are a must. Hiring a professional to repaint several rooms in a home can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on how big the job. If you can handle any of the work, it will definitely be worth your time and effort.

Bolt Cutters

Sometimes tenants put chains or padlocks on things and forget to remove them when they vacate. If you encounter a padlocked shed or abandoned grill that is chained to your porch, then bolt cutters will come in very handy.

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